• Better Than PayDay Loans

    Since the American financial fallout, there has been a lack of secondary lenders in the market to help people with short term unsecured financing. Wells Fargo went back home to the USA, TDFS Financial Services and others like them closed their doors. Other than loan sharks or "payday loans" company which we can put into the same group, there really are only a handful of options left out there. It's good to know that there are better options available for people who need unsecured financing to help them with their daily life challenges. The problem is exacerbated by these high

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  • How to Buy Foreclosure Properties Without Losing Your Shirt!

    All those reality TV have shown how you can make a quick buck by buying foreclosed properties. Just remember, what you see on TV is not always what happens in real life, even if it is "Reality TV"! Few key things to keep in mind so that you don’t end up losing your own house when chasing after a good deal on foreclosed properties. For folks who don’t know the foreclosure process, here’s how it works in a nutshell: There are two different procedures that dictate how foreclosures are processed in Canada. Judicial Sale refers to the procedure where the

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  • Commercial Financing Disaster Prevention

    There are many reasons why most mortgage brokers avoid Commercial Financing. I hope to change that by helping you to understand it better and that it shouldn't be all scary. It can be a lot of fun! Commercial financing is a big unknown to probably 98% of mortgage brokers out there. It is my hope to arm you with enough knowledge to make a shift and change our industry! I will cover some of the stumbling blocks in this article and how you can prevent disasters from striking. Embrace the challenges of commercial financing and earn your rightful place as

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  • Why Successful Business or Partnerships Eventually Fail?

    Who the heck starts a business or partnership and plans to fail? Nobody does but most will fail because they never planned for the eventual success either. This involves succession planning strategies to be a part of the long term business plan - it's not always about business or is it? For majority of people, death is the last thing that they want to think about especially when they're just starting a business venture or partnership. It's like planning a voyage at sea and not preparing or planning for the possibilities that the ship may capsize or sink. "It's never going

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  • Priceless Lessons Learned from #CecilTheLion and #WalterPalmer

    Last few days have seen a titanic wave of attention on #CecilTheLion and #WalterPalmer all over social media and news outlets. So Walter Palmer didn't learn the lesson that Rebecca Francis (the Giraffe Hunting girl http://bit.ly/1T8veQ5) was handed not too many months ago. Perhaps the media attention was what they may have been after. The more attention the media gives these people, the more it would promote more of these acts of stupidity. Just like little children that do not get enough attention from their parent, they do stupid things to get the parent's attention. For a kid, any attention

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